Hotel Hamacas | San Jorge


La Cruz de España, is another place to visit, there was where the meeting took place between the Spanish conqueror Gil González Dávila and Nicarao Cacique or Nicaragua, is located at the entrance of San Jorge. According to historical data, the result of that meeting between Gonzalez and Nicarao was the baptism of thousand brave Indian warriors.

Visit the watermark on jicaras, one of the owners is Ms. Yolanda Lopez Sanchez, a resident of San Jorge devoted to gourd carving with other eight family craftswomen. This sensitive (delicate) work has also been transferred from generation to generation. The crafts are made of gourd-shaped jewelry bracelets, pencil, tisteras (glass shape) confectionery, hair accessories, jewelry boxes and countless souvenir products that are designed by numerous drawings phrases that carry on high the name of San Jorge City.

Visit the famous cocoa pods (Mazorcas de Cacao), a sweet unique in this area, whose main element is cocoa mixed with sugar, cinnamon, pepper and cloves. Blanca Azucena Hernandez Arguello, owner have been carried out this activity for more than a century, were their ancestors who started it, keeping it even for the different generations.

Hotel Hamacas is located a few meters from the San Jorge Wharf where you can take a ferry ride to the beautiful island of Ometepe. We are 35 kilometers from San Juan del Sur, 30 kms to the first beaches of Tola and 40 kilometers from the border of Costa Rica (Peñas Blancas).