Hotel Hamacas | El Astillero

The perfect experience if you want to be a fisherman, know different beaches and enjoy the sun. The Tour is operated in the following beaches, Chiricera, Antena, Veracruz and Chacocente (one option). The bait it is included in the package, but you can take your fishing rods, otherwise it costs $ 12 and lifeguards US4. The best season is from January to April. It costs U.S. $ 120, covers up to 5 hours, the extra hour is $ 25. The panga is roofed and its captain is a native fisherman from Astillero Town

It is located in the extreme south-west of the department of Carazo, on the Pacific coast, in the departmental limit itself between Carazo and Rivas, with a length of 11 linear beach kilometers. Chacocente Beach is one of the two privileged beaches is where sea turtles nest on massively, mostly olive ridley turtle , and to a much smaller amount hawksbill turtle , Tora and Torita Turtles.

They are located 12 kms or 15 minutes drive from Hostal Hamacas Astillero. The thermal waters of Salinas de Nahualapa, are part of an indigenous community where they kept alive the belief that these waters have curative, and their ancestors used them to cure skin infections, stroke problems, headaches and arthritis.The entrance to the springs are: national and resident adult: C $ 10, foreign adult: $ 2.

Veracruz de Acayo and Chacocente are the best beaches nearby. The Tour to any of these beaches for 5 hours costs U $ 100 (standby time), the extra hour is $ 25. If you would like to go to other beaches like Amarillo or Gigante, the price is US$ 180, to Popoyo US$ 120 and San Juan del Sur $ 300. The panga can accommodate 5-7 people.

It takes place in a Farm just 700 meters away from the Hostal, the approximate duration is 2 and a half hours. The cost per person is $ 8. This tour offers breathtaking views of several bays even some of these belonging to Carazo. You need a prior coordination of at least one day.